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Members of WFAO

AIMA – Associazione Italiana Musicisti Amatori

Individual Corporate Member
Via Stresa 6
20125 Milano
+39 3401667733
Number of member orchestras: 1
Members within the orchestras: 20

The aim of AIMA is to be a focal point for amateur music in Italy, not only on a national scale, to meet the needs of Italy’s amateur musicians, but also beyond Italy’s borders, as a link with the rest of Europe and the world.

At the moment, three projects are in course: Cambristi Milano and Cambristi Roma are conceived of as networks, making it possible to form ensembles and play chamber music together in these cities, or anywhere in Italy for that matter. The project ContrArco is a Milan-based orchestra that works together democratically.

UNOF – De Unges Orkesterforbund
– The Norwegian Youth Orchestra Association

Corporate Member
P.O.Box 4651, Sofienberg
0506 OSLO
+47 9400 1100
Number of member orchestras: 140
Members within the orchestras: 4450

Established 1974. Today the largest orchestra organization in Norway, with children and youth orchestras as members, generally in the age group 2 – 30 years. The organization have 15 summer music camps and 2 nationwide symphony orchestra.

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