Official statement about Tokyo 2020
Official statement about Tokyo 2020

Official statement about Tokyo 2020

It is with great regret that WFAO announces that the international orchestra conference in Tokyo, Japan, June 4 – 7 2020 is cancelled. The organizer in Japan has decided to forgo all overseas invited members to participate in the festival this coming June due to the unprecedented pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. WFAO fully supports the decision which prevents any contingencies for the participants. We do hope that this situation will be fully repaired in all parts of the world and that we soon will be free to pursue our musical activities together.

To the participants affected by this, please contact WFAO ( or the organizers in the Federation of Japanese Amateur Orchestras Corp. (, for more information and help.

“Ich wünsche dir Musik, um mit den Lasten des Lebens zu helfen und dir zu helfen, dein Glück für andere freizugeben.”
“I wish you music to help with the burdens of life, and to help you release your happiness to others.” – Ludwig van Beethoven

With the warmest wishes,
Carl Ninian Wika, Chairman, World Federation of Amateur Orchestras

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