World Federation of Amateur Orchestras

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The World Federation of Amateur Orchestras supports the initiative from the European Music Council that culture must be a visible and central part of the new European Commision. On 10 September, European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen presented her […]

Honorary Chairperson

At the General Assembly of WFAO, Alex Van Beveren of Belgium stepped down as chairperson. Since 1991, he has been essential in the development of the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras, working day and night to expand the network of […]

Security breach

Dear all, Unfortunately, the website of The World Federation of Amateur Orchestras has been struck by a security breach lately. After an extensive search, in the end we had to completely remake our websites. In the coming days, we will […]

Singapore 2019

We are welcoming members and other interested representatives of amateur and youth orchestra music making worldwide to our conference and general assembly, March 15 to 17, in Singapore! The conference is co-organized by the Singapore National Youth Orchestra, and supported […]