World Federation of Amateur Orchestras


First period (1991- 1997)

“The World Youth Orchestra Conference”

March 1991

Establishment of the World Youth Orchestra Conference in Tokyo with participation of representatives from 9 countries.

The purpose was to promote and increase Youth Orchestras activities worldwide through information exchange and the establishment of exchange programs.

March 1992

Second General Conference of the WYOC in Nagoya with participation of 15 countries.

The conference with its linked exchanges was repeated every year until 1996.

August 1996 

International Festival of Amateur Orchestras in Tokyo with participation from 17 countries.

Mr. Motoyasu Morishita
Mr. Motoyasu Morishita, founder of the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras

Second Period (1997- 2011)

Taking its roots from the World Youth Orchestra Conference (WYOC) a new World Federation of Amateur Orchestras was established under abbreviations WFAO

August 1998 

After a preparatory meeting in 1997 in Hamamatsu, in August 1998 official foundation of the adult and youth World Federation of Amateur Orchestras (WFAO) in Kanazawa (Japan).

September 1999

WFAO meeting in Venezuela. On invitation of El Sistema (Fundación del Estado para el Sistema Nacional de las Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles de Venezuela (FESNOJIV).

August 2001

International Amateur Orchestra Festival in Nagoya with participation of 14 countries.

September 2004

Meeting in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

August 2005

Amateur Orchestra Festival in Nagoya on the occasion of the Aichi Expo Memorial (12 countries represented)

May 2007

WFAO-meeting in Shangai (China) on invitation of Cao Peng-Music Center.

May 2009

WFAO-meeting in Antwerp (Belgium) with support of the European Music Festival for Young People (Neerpelt, Belgium -EMJ) and Youth and Music Antwerp (JM Antwerpen).

New chairperson: Richard Chester (Scotland)

Spring 2010

Death of the founder of JAO, WYOC and WFAO, Mr. Motoyasu Morishita

July 2010

Century Symphonic concert on Shangai World Exposition organized by Cao Peng-Music Center and the Shangai City Symphony Orchestra

August 2011

1st Asian Amateur Orchestra Festival in Fukuoka (Japan)

organized by JAO and NPO-WFAO

From the WFAO Amateur Orchestra Festival in Europe in Milano (Italy)

Third period (from 2011 – )

September 2011

WFAO-General Assembly in Glasgow (Scotland).

New constitution accepted. 

WFAO continues as a non-profit organisation under Swiss law.

New board elected. New chairperson: David Ramael (USA)

August 2012

World Amateur Orchestra Festival in Shizuoka (Japan) at the occasion of the 40th Japan Amateur Orchestra Festival

July / September 2013 

July 26-28  2nd Asian Amateur Orchestra Festival in Andong (Korea)

September 21 -23 WFAO-General Assembly in Toyohashi (Japan)

(together with 41st Japan Amateur Orchestra Festival)

April 2014

Music instrument donation and orchestra concert in Kathmandu (Nepal)

September 2015

First WFAO-Amateur Orchestra Festival in Europe in Milano (Italy) on the occasion of the World Expo on invitation of Associazione Italiana Musicisti Amatori.

September 2016


WFAO-General Assembly coinciding with Conference on and for youth and amateurorchestras at Voksenåsen (Oslo, Norway) on invitation of UNOF (De Unges Orkesterforbund).

New chairperson: Alex Van Beveren (Belgium)

May 2018

International Conference in Bergen, Norway
«Introduction to Orchestra Activities in Developing Countries»
In cooperation with The Norwegian Youth Orchestra Association (UNOF) and European Orchestra Federation (EOFed)

March 2019

WFAO Conference and general assembly in Singapore
Conference theme: «Developing Amateur Orchestras: Models and Trends»
In cooperation with the Singapore National Youth Orchestra

New chairperson: Carl Ninian Wika (Norway)

The first World Orchestra Conference in 1991