World Federation of Amateur Orchestras
Models and trends

Models and trends

Singapore 2019

In 2019, the annual global conference of WFAO, hosted by the Singapore National Youth Orchestra pointed out the models and trends of developing amateur orchestral practice in different countries. During three days, we had the opportunity to know more about the work of the following organisations: the BDLO (Bundesverband DeutscherLiebhaberorchester) from Germany, the Dresden University Orchestra, the UNOF (Norwegian Youth Orchestra Association), AIMA from Italy, the VLAMO from Belgium, the Philharmonic Orchestra Society, the Braddel Heights Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the music makers, and the Kids Philharmonic from Singapore, the Toyohashi Symphony Orchestra from Japan, the Asia-Pacific Youth Symphony Orchestra from Hong Kong, the South Asia Symphony Orchestra from India, and the North-American Medical Orchestra. 

Read the summary by Juan Rojas-Castillo

The various presentations from the conference is now to be found here on this resource page. We hope it will inspire to development across orchestras all over the world. We also hope to increase this resource bank with more models in the coming time.