Kathmandu Orchestra Project

In 2014, WFAO is making an extra effort to support the rising orchestra society in Kathmandu and Nepal. The 19th of April, the local orchestras Crescendo International Orchestra, Annapurna Chamber Orchestra and Nepal Police School of Music will join forces with musicians from Italy, Belgium, Japan, India, China, Germany and Korea to make a wonderful orchestra project. The orchestras will be conducted by Joe Yamaji and Alex Van Beveren. Kathmandu’s local force to arrange this project is Bidur Sharma Gautam.

World Amateur Orchestra in Milan 2015

The World Federation of Amateur Orchestras are planning a major event during the Milan EXPO 2015. From the 17th to the 22nd of September 2015 there will be arranged a World Amateur Orchestra, with youth and amateur orchestra musicians from all over the world. The local partners are the Italian Amateur Music Association (AIMA) and Festival MITO SettembreMusica. Representatives from WFAO, Alex van Beveren, Tommaso Napoli (also president of AIMA) and Daniel Kellerhals (president of EOFed) have been in talks with MITO, and the details of the project are being worked out at this time. Later, we will announce more information about the orchestra and how to participate.

The WFAO wishes to rectify the following oversight in the Minutes of the Toyohashi General Assembly: Under Item 7 - Elections, Gerbrand Kotting’s name was accidentally omitted from the list of board members standing for re-election. Mr. Kotting was re-elected for a second term as WFAO board member, and he rejoins the board as representative of FASO and EOFed. WFAO is thrilled to have Mr. Kotting’s continued support as board member in this very exciting chapter of WFAO’s global expansion.

- David Ramael, President WFAO
Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

WFAO wishes all its friends a happy new year! Many great things have been completed in 2013, and more great projects are in planning for 2014. President of WFAO, Dr. David Ramael has written this letter to all friends of WFAO: WFAO 2014 Wishes

Take notice of the exciting project where WFAO will support the Crescendo International Orchestra, Kathmandu, Nepal, in their work to promote orchestra playing in Nepal. If you want to take part in this support, please contact us!

2nd Asian Orchestra Festival

The 2nd Asian Orchestra Festival in Korea was completed satisfactorily, with more than 200 musicians from Belgium, China, Columbia, India, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, and Taiwan. The festival was held in Andong City which is famous for Hahoe Folk Village, designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2010.

During the festival, an exciting orchestral works was played. The program was as follows:
For Youth Orchestra Conductor: Kang, Sukhee. Suppé: Overture “Light Cavalry”, Beethoven: Triple Concerto for Piano, Violin & Cello, Op.56
For Adult Orchestra Conductor: Jeong, Chiyong. Dvořák: Symphony No.9 “From the New World,” Op.95 Concerto for Samul-Nori & Orchestra “Madang”

The next Asian Orchestra Festival will be held in Qingdao in China.