2019 CONFERENCE: Developing Amateur Orchestras: Models and Trends

PROGRAMME (download the programme in pdf format)

Friday 15 March
3.00pm – Registration at SNYO Studios
3.30pm – 5.00pm –General Assembly Preparation Meeting and Networking Session
6.00pm – Pre-concert welcome dinner for delegates (courtesy of WFAO) 7.30pm (optional) – SSO-SNYO side-­by-side concert with Andrew Litton and Ray Chen – Esplanade Concert Hall

Saturday 16 March
9.30am – 5.00pm – Conference: Developing Amateur Orchestras: Models and Trends
8.00pm (optional) – SCO-SNYCO side-­by-­side concert, Singapore Conference Hall

Sunday, 17 March
9.30am – Member presentations (10 mins each)
10.30am – 12.00pm – WFAO 2019 General Assembly
2.00pm (optional) – City Sights / Tour

CONFERENCE FEES* (in Singapore Dollars)
S$120 (for WFAO members) S$200 (for non-­‐WFAO members)
S$120 (for Singapore delegates attending conference on 16 March only)

  • The conference fee does not include concert tickets for 15 and 16
  • The conference fee includes lunch on the 16


* Concert ticket for 15 March: S$42 Concert ticket for 16 March: S$28
+ WFAO members who have paid the regular membership dues.


The official conference hotel is Mercure Bugis.

Please visit the website address at this link to find out about hotel reservation information.


Conference participants interested in presenting their orchestra model (not more than 30 minutes including Q&A) on 16 March will need to submit their presentation by 31 January 2019. There will be a framework given for the presentation in order to allow for a basis for comparison.

Member presentations (10-­15 minutes each) will be scheduled on 17 March.


Deadline for registration is 31 January 2019.

For further information, please visit www.snyo.org.sg/wfao2019 after 7 November 2018. You may also write to the WFAO 2019 Conference secretariat at wfao2019@sso.org.sg.

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Bergen Conference Time Table

Friday, May 11, 2018
09:30 Register and first introduction. Welcome by Daniel Kellerhals and Alex Van Beveren
10:00 Introduction to Orchestra Activities in Developing Countries (session 1)
Orchestra activities in Nepal, Alex van Beveren and Carl Ninian Wika
Music for democracy and Women Empowerment in third countries, Vilma Misiukoniené
Orchestra Activities in Kenya, Duncan Miano Wambugu
12:00 Visit to workshops
13:00 End of session 1

15:00 Introduction to Orchestra Activities in Developing Countries (session 2)
Orquesta Filarmónica De Río Negro (Argentina), Martin Fraile
Filarmónica Joven de Colombia, Juan Andrés Rojas Castillo
Developing the Orchestra in Each Rehearsal. Conducting Strategies to
develop Youth and Semi-Professional Orchestras, Diego Barbosa-Vásquez
18:00 End of session 2

Saturday, May 12, 2018
09:30 Presentations on youth orchestras and exchange programs
Bejing Philharmonic Culture Exchange, Quingdao-festival, Liu Zheng and Teng Dandan
Singapore National Youth Orchestra and amateur orchestras in Singapore, Siu Yuin Pang
re:SOUND Collective Chamber Orchestra (Singapore), Olive Kan
European Spirit Youth Orchestra and Youth
Orchestra of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Igor Coretti-Kuret
Vilnius Symphony Orchestra (history/activities), Vilma Mislukoniené
Estonian Nat Youth Sy and Estonian Sy Orch Association, Tönno Piigli
Jugend Sinfonie Orkester Konservatorium Bern (Switzerland), Gerhard Müller
Crypto Economy for Arts & Media Promotion, Vilma Mislukoniené
12:00 Visit to workshops or Visit to Grieg museum at Troldhaugen

16:00 Introduction to Orchestra Activities in Developing Countries (session 3)
Music Fund, support music activity in conflict areas, Lukas Pairon
Syrian Expat Orchestra, Raed Jazbeh
18:00 End of session 4

Sunday, May 13, 2018
09:00 Introduction to Orchestra Activities in Developing Countries (session 4)
Recapitulation of presentations on the main theme
10:00 World Federation of Amateur Orchestras 20 years, Kikuko Morishita
10:30 Future plans
11:00 End of Conference

Introduction to Orchestra Activities in Developing Countries

The World Federation of Amateur Orchestras – WFAO will,
in collaboration with Norwegian Federation of Youth Orchestras – UNOF
& Norwegian Federation of Amateur Orchestras – NASOL

and in the frame of the 11th European Orchestra Festival of EOFed organize an International Conference as an

‘Introduction to Orchestra Activities in Developing Countries’

The seminar will consist of 2 parts:
“Introduction to Orchestra activities in developing countries”
Presentations by invited guests with follow-up discussion

“Presentations by the participants of their own activities”
Representatives of orchestras or orchestra-organisations will have the possibility to present their orchestra-activities


Download the flyer here