Toppenkurset in Norway

In Norway there are a great number of summer music schools where young musicians get to play in orchestra, get individual lessons and masterclasses, play chamber music, but first of all, meet other children and youth from the whole country. In Mosjøen, in the middle of Norway, Toppenkurset has just been arranged for the 13th consecutive time. It is an international summer music school, and this year they had participants from eight different european countries. Toppenkurset International Summer Academy and Festival embraces an international music festival with 13 live events and an international summer music school for about 90 participants. The festival is Northern Norway’s largest event of its kind and it has a central role in the dissemination of our cultural heritage to children and youth from 8 to 25 years in the region.

On the program this year the symphony orchestra played music from Götterdämmerung by Richard Wagner, and music from the films Harry Potter, Schindler’s List and Star Wars by John Williams. In addition, they played a newly written concerto for electric bass and jazz symphony orchestra, and an improvisational work by Bergmund Skaslien. The conducter is the renowned Nicholas Carthy.

The focus is also on the juniors, which have two orchestras on different level, providing a good learning curve. Pianists do also have a place on the course. Toppenkurset is one of the biggest festivals of classical music during the summer in Northern Norway, and this year it had 13 concerts spanning from folk music of Russia and Norway to the great chamber music by Mendelssohn and Schubert. Every year the academy take a boat cruise to the coast of Helgeland, as can be seen on the picture.

Read more about the adacemy and festival here:

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  1. Hello from Ireland:
    I’m writing to your orchestra as a composer, conductor looking for your orchestra to perform my music and conduct.

    I’m very interested in communication and look forward to your respond

    1. Hello!
      Your request is interesting, but we need to get some more information. Please send contact info, some examples of what you have conducted and some examples of music of yours, to
      Looking forward to hear more from you!

      1. I’m writing to request a collaboration with your orchestra if interested in a project I’m running as my mission.I introduced music for new composers to an orchestra in Budapest which I conducted.The project was successful and five new composers participated which allowed them to hear their new works live and recorded through rehearsal sessions.
        Now I’m looking for other orchestra to continue my mission which attracted the attention of many talented new soloists.I monitor the new scores, correct them if needed
        I look forward to your reply in this matter which I launched and I aim for this collaboration

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