Activities in Africa

– Under the title “Eclairages”, La musique symphonique en Tunisie, the renown musician and director Féthi Zghonda, outlines the history and the actual situation of symphonic orchestras in Tunisia. The text originally written in French, is also available in English.Presentations from Africa

– The executive director of the Accra Symphony Orchestra from Ghana, Korkor Armateifio, has dedicated a lot of energy in the African creative industry in general. She presents the exciting story of the Accra Symphony Orchestra.

Jessica Ester a superb young violin-player from Mozambique presents the unique Project Xiquitsi(

Although we don’t have the full-presentation, we ought to give attention to the numerous orchestra activities in Kenya and their social impact, presented by Professor Duncan Miano Wambugu, Lecturer in the Department of Music and Dance at  the Kenyatta University in Nairobi. He is a also a famous performer, conductor and educator. You can find the abstract of his presentation and his short bio on our website.

I want also to mention that I had the pleasure to meet Brian O’Kepher, a young Kenyan musician,last year at the SICO-festival in Seoul. Although he was not present in Bergen I wanted to show his activities as an example of the many more musical talents in Africa.

All different stories from different corners of Africa. With one common line, their love to share playing music in an orchestra. Below I have listed some references videos on YouTube, which illustrates the inspired work. But, please, don’t limit yourself to my selection, there are many more videos to discover.

Presentations on activities in Africa

Féthi Zghonda, Tunisia

La musique symphonique en Tunisie (Francais)

Symphonic music in Tunisia (English)

Accra Symphony Orchestra, Ghana


Project Xiquitsi, Mozambique

Project Xiquitsi

Duncan Miano Wambugu – Kenya



List of illustrating videos from Africa

Here are some suggestions but if you take some time you can find many more.

From Tunisia:

Not only videos of well-known repertoire but also new original scores written by Tunisiancomposers, which makes it even more attractive to watch.

From Ghana and Accra Symphony Orchestra

From Mozambique:

From Kenya:

It is hard to make a selection of the videos from numerous orchestras in Kenya.

You can find work by the Nairobi Orchestra, the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya, the University of Nairobi Orchestra , the Safaricom Youth orchestra and Safaricom Choir.

Kenya National Anthem – National Youth Orchestra of Kenya,

National Youth Orchestra of Kenya

National Youth Orchestra of Kenya performing Hifadhi by Kenyan composer Njane Mugambi ,

Rehearsal of Pole Musa directed by KNYO Deputy Musical Director Levi Wataka,

Safaricom Youth Orchestra presentation

Safaricom Youth Orchestra and Safaricom Choir

University of Nairobi Orchestra

Nairobi Orchestra

National Anthem



And some extra videos with Brian O’Kepher, as a prove of his talent.

Brian O’Kepher with Ivan Fischer

My life conducting an orchestra

Dvorak 9, 2nd movement

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