Activities in Europe

From Europe we received the full text of the presentation from European Spirit Youth Orchestra

The European Spirit of Youth Orchestras (ESYO) under the direction of the Slovenian-born conductor and violonist Igor Coretti-Kuret is composed with young musicians from more than 20 different nationalities, amongst them many from Balkan countries and eastern European countries.

Igor Coretti-Kuret is also engaged with the Orchestra de la Pace in Bosnia Herzegovina. One of their projects is called Tamburi di Pace, together with journalist and actor Paolo Rumiz. The full presentation of Igor Coretti-Kuret is on the website and many videos are on Youtube.

The extensive story of Estonian National Youth Symphony and the Estonian Association of YouthOrchestras has been presented by Jüri-Ruut Kangur and Tönno Piigli.

Jüri-Ruut Kangur is the founder-conductor of the Estonial National Youth Orchestra but he is also conductor of several choirs, composer, organiser and many more things.

Some other presentations from Europe

Jugend Sinfonie Orkester Konservatorium Bern (Switzerland) presented by Gerhard Müller, director of the Conservatoire of Bern

– Vilnius Symphony orchestra (history/activities) by Vilma Misiukoniené, a passionate amateur musician, who is professionally active in various fields such as the crypto economy, EU and Public Affairs, Digital Policies, Women Empowerment, and so on.

And some general subjects

– Music for democracy and Women Empowerment in third countries by Vilma Misiukoniené

– Crypto Economy for Arts & Media promotion by Vilma Misiukoniené

Presentations from Europe

Igor Coretti – Italy

ESYO Presentazione BERGEN

European Spirit of Youth Orchestra

Igor Coretti (Kuret)

Jüri-Ruut Kangur/Tõnno Piigli – Estonia

ENYSO and ESOL presentation

ENYSO 2016-2018

Lucas Pairon – Belgium


List of illustrating videos


Paolo Rumiz, Igor Coretti Kuret e European Spirit of Youth Orchestra – 29 luglio2017

Tamburi di pace

Per l’Appia la regina delle Strade

Alpe di Campogrosso


Daminiano al Colle


Symphony of the Soul

At the conference more presentations has been made, on orchestra activities in Europe and China and on more general items as  for example on women empowerment linked with music activities in third countries and crypto economy for arts and media promotion, but no abstracts or full presentations are availableThe conference ended with a video on 20 years WFAO. 

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