Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The World Federation of Amateur Orchestras is dedicated to the worldwide advancement of youth and amateur music making. At the philosophical core of the organization is the profound belief that music bridges cultural, geographical and historical divides, and in doing so makes the world a better place for both young and old. WFAO shares this vision with its constituent members through the international exchange of ideas, resources, and knowledge, and promotes it through the following means:

  1. WFAO serves as worldwide exchange platform for amateur music making in symphonic ensembles in different dimensions

  2. WFAO engages actively in the application of the 5 Musical Rights as proclaimed by the International Music Council (IMC)

  3. WFAO offers assistance in the artistic, educational and organizational growth of music education and more specifically in orchestral activities to its members and interested projects

  4. WFAO promotes and defends the interests of amateur music in civil society’s organisations and institutions and intervenes with decision-makers at all levels in order to facilitate access to music for all.

The primary benefit of joining the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras is the opportunity to actively engage, cooperate and exchange ideas with members all across the globe. Membership in WFAO is open to all, from individuals to large supra-national organizations representing several hundred orchestras. Join today!

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