Rectified minutes from GA

The WFAO wishes to rectify the following oversight in the Minutes of the Toyohashi General Assembly: Under Item 7 – Elections, Gerbrand Kotting’s name was accidentally omitted from the list of board members standing for re-election. Mr. Kotting was re-elected for a second term as WFAO board member, and he rejoins the board as representative of FASO and EOFed. WFAO is thrilled to have Mr. Kotting’s continued support as board member in this very exciting chapter of WFAO’s global expansion.

General Assembly in Japan

WFAO will have its next general assembly in Toyohashi, Japan from the 21. – 23. of September 2013. It will be held during the 41th Amateur Orchestra Festival, hosted by the Federation of Japan Amateur Orchestras Corp. Check back for more news about the general assembly!